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Alvin Mak, Hong Kong based digital animated artist.

Alvin Mak is a digital artist based in Hong Kong. He is trained as a mechanical engineer, but later shifts focus to visual art. He has been creating works for hospitality projects since 2009. His artworks can be seen in hotels and offices throughout Asia.


The artistic journey of Alvin is a long string of what-ifs. He plays with a range of mediums from photography, digital collage, sculpture design to digital and video art.  He runs his experiments through numerous re-iterations in the pursuit of new aesthetics and methods.


Most of his artworks delve into abstract emotional and cerebral concepts. Some re-create an atmosphere to cherish a mood, while others examine the formation and evolution of ideas. The works take the viewers through a journey from confusion, adaptation to discovery.

Selected Exhibition

2023      Beyond Borders, Los Angeles, USA
2023      Commune, Fabric London, London, UK
2023      Page Art Festival, Guangzhou, China

2023      Get That Shot, Seoul, South Korea

2023      QuatroBox, Paju City, South Korea

2022      Instinc D:Art Festival 2022, Singapore

2021      Digital Art Fair Asia, Hong Kong, China

2009      Int'l Festival for Photo and Video, Seoul, South Korea

2008      Delay No Mall, Hong Kong, China

2008      Koru Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2008      Artwalk 08, Hong Kong, China

2007      Koru Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2007      Red T Gallery, Beijing, China

2007      Artwalk 07, Hong Kong, China

2006      Koru Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, China

2006      Dashanzi Art Festival, Beijing, China

2006      Artwalk 06, Hong Kong, China

2006      Urban Impressions, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, China


2021      Lohas Park 6, Nan Fung Group

2020      Linklaters, Hong Kong, China

2019      Grand Lisboa Palace Macau, China

2019      Hyatt Regency Henqing, China

2019      Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, Okinawa, Japan

2018      Halekulani Okinawa, Japan

2018      University Heights, Hong Kong, China

2018      Rosewood Bangkok, Thailand

2018      Crowne Plaza Tainan, Taiwan

2017      Rosewood Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2016      The Ritz Carlton Osaka, Japan

2016      Austin Residence, Hong Kong, China

2015      The Ritz Carlton Tokyo, Japan

2013      The St. Regis Hotel, Chengdu, China

2013      Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, Taiwan

2012      Kerry Centre Hotel, Beijing, China

2012      The Four Seasons Hotel, Beijing 

2012      Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou, China

2012      Royal Plaza Hotel, Hong Kong

2012      Holiday Inn Express, Hong Kong

2012      Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

2011      The Westin Hotel, Xiamen, China

2011      Hotel Jen, Brisbane, Australia

2011      Shangri-La Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

2011      The Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong, China

2011      The Sheraton Hotel, Xiamen, China

2011      Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

2010      The Sheraton Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2010      Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, China

2010      Galaxy Hotel, Macau, China

2010      Okura Hotel, Macau, China

2009      China World Trade Centre, Beijing, China

2009      Fidessa, Hong Kong

2008      Four Points Hotel, Guangzhou

2008      L'Hotel Island South, Hong Kong

2008      Hyatt Regency, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China

2007      Le Meridien Hotel, Hainan, China

2006      DLA Piper, Hong Kong, China

2006      Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, China

2005      Tung Shan Terrace, Cypress Design Ltd, Hong Kong, China

2005      Island Grove residence, Hong Kong, China

2005      Elements Shopping Centre, MTRC, Hong Kong, China

2005      Shangri-La Hotel, Xian, China

2005      The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, China

2005      The Manhattan Hill, Hong Kong, China

2005      The Four Seasons Hotel, Macau

2005      Speed to Market Limited, Hong Kong, China

2005      The Sheraton Hotel, Xiamen, China

2005      Penthouse, Centre Stage, Hong Kong, China

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